Thursday, 18 February 2016

3 Images of Kindness to Brighten up Your Day!

We had some errands to do and some of them took us past a pet store. The animals all looked happy and well taken care of, that to begin with was a pleasure to see.We went in and spent a bit of time looking at the bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and other little soft animals. The first thing to catch our attention was that the cages, even though not huge had space for the animals to run or hop or jump. saw dust was provided and little items for them to crawl into, under to curl up inside. Of course, a food bowl with food in and water spout were easily available too. I especially enjoyed seeing that the animals were not over crowded.

One little bunny was happily hopping over whatever he could. Then we noticed these two curled up together. The black bunny has his / her arm over the white bunny. In the image below you can see a slight shift in position but still the one cuddling the other.

It is so special to see kindness and caring between animals. Definitely helped to lift my spirits after a stressful morning.

Next we merited to see these two bunnies sheltering a baby bunny or much smaller one. Once again, just watching them for a little helped us smile.

What do you do to de-stress? I find looking at nature helps a lot, especially the beauty e.g. of plants, hills etc or kindness shown between animals. What kind of animals do you love and why? What images or places help you to feel calm or to put a smile on your face despite going through stress?

We'd love to hear from you so do post your comment below.

Have a blessed day. May we all merit to be hugged and sheltered from caring others just like the bunny rabbits in the images above

Shoshanah Shear

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