Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Meaningful Moment with a Kallahs Watch

We had a fun time helping a new Kallah to select her bridal gown. I think the mother of the Kallah was far more excited than the Kallah. The Kallah looks about 18 years old and was a bit unsure initially, but she soon warmed up and even found a bridal gown to try on. The mother's joy at her eldest daughter being a Kallah was very evident when the Kallah took off her watch and asked her mother to please look after it while she tried on the bridal gown for size. Her mother became very excited that she was honoured with holding "THE Kallah watch".

For many Jews there is a custom that the Chatan give the Kallah a special watch when they get engaged. It is this watch that the mother was excited to be holding and to help her daughter in trying on a bridal gown, selecting the style suitable for her and generally being a part of the most important and minor details that will make up the big day. The day her first born will be a Kallah under the Chuppah.

I looked at the beautiful watch and the expression on the face of the mother of the Kallah and I thought of the many Kallot who turn to us for help. How many of our Kallot would give anything to have their mother accompany them to select their special gown. How many yearn for the potential to hand their Kallah's watch to their mother to hold while they try on a bridal gown. And yet, for most of the Kallot we assist, this moment will not and can not ever be, simply because their Imma is not here, is not in this world. The closest contact they can have is the memory of a mother they loved who is now watching them from Shamayim.

You see, most of the Kallot we assist are orphans either from the mother or the father or both. Our bridal gown rentals is a new section to the work that we offer. We hope that by renting out our bridal gowns that we can earn the money required to enable our orphan Kallot to feel special on their wedding day.

We hope by sharing this story, that you the reader will come to attain a level of understanding of what it is that the orphan Kallah is missing. Some think it is just monetary and yes money is important. But the love and support of one's own parents is something that money can not replace.

Have a blessed day and do stop by to visit our bridal gowns and our gift items.

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

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