Tuesday, 2 February 2016

First Kallah Visits our Bridal Gowns

We had a lot of fun welcoming our first Kallah to our Bridal Gown Gemach. We have 60 bridal gowns at present, each one different in style, design etc. It's so much fun showing beautiful bridal gowns to a new Kallah. This Kallah is coming to Chuppah G-d willing just before Purim. Out of our 60 bridal gowns, only one was sort of what she was looking for. Timidly she agreed to try it on. 

Sadly the gown is a tad too small with no seam width to let out. Since it did not fit, we were not able to obtain a photograph of our first Kallah. I hope the image above helps you to see half of our bridal gowns. Yes, we are still looking to move them to larger, more suitable space, anyone interested in assisting with this please be in touch. 

The Kallah wants a bridal gown that is modest with beautiful bead work on the top, a 'v' at the waist and a soft skirt. She is a size medium or 2. If anyone has a bridal gown that is just sitting in their closet and meets this description, please be in touch to donate it to our bridal gown Gemach. 

It's so wonderful to have some other items in our store, the Kallah did find a lip liner and lipstick to her liking. At least she did not leave completely empty handed and she was very grateful to hear we are willing to post a request for something more to her liking. 

If you are a Kallah getting married in Jerusalem or surrounding areas, please be in touch. We have beautiful bridal gowns at very affordable prices with an added gift - 9 Kallot rent a bridal gown for a price they can afford and the 10th will give us the opportunity to kit out a needy orphan Kallah. Come on by and do a Mitzvah when you rent your bridal gown. You save too on our wonderful prices.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Shoshanah Shear

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