Monday, 14 March 2016

Where are Those who Care about Orphans?

A few years ago I discovered something called Fundable and decided that despite not wanting my story online I needed to try anything to regain my independence. Living with a chronic illness is no fun. Having no father to help with tuition or anything else is no fun either. Concurrently I began helping other orphans, hoping and praying that through helping others, Hashem would help me. 

It was not long till I discovered how much people have that they just do not need. Anyone who has visited this blog before will know much of what I am writing here. Even so, lets continue, I began collecting these items with a view to some going to help other orphans and some to be sold to cover expenses and hopefully even turn this to a viable business. Sadly, far too many have taken advantage of the items being donated completely ignoring the costs involved. They hear an item has been donated and want to pay just 1 Shekel. They disregard the expense in collecting the item, the time involved, phone calls, shelves to put items onto, rent of the space where the shelves are etc. As we battled with how to make this viable, we face constant challenges with renting. 

While many orphans are assisted when they get married, sadly I did not get this help. Yes there is a Mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah but too many shouted me down when I finally gave in and asked for help. I have taken my heartache and turned it to helping other orphan Kallot. 35 Kallot have been assisted from us, but we URGENTLY need help to continue

Two years ago we tried to do a crowd fundraiser in the hope of coming up with enough to move to more suitable space and an area more conducive to being successful. Sadly instead of assistance we received mostly insults. On and off since then I have tried a few campaigns, all in the hope to develop our work more effectively so that we can have suitable premises and living space and continue to help other orphans. 

Some months ago, a widow noticed a bridal store was closing and decided she wanted us to add the bridal gowns to our services. We tried being optimistic and doing all we could to make this work. It has taken months to cover the cost of the bridal gowns, the stands, the full length mirror, the dry cleaning and to begin repairing those gowns needing repair. But now we are stuck. There are times I have mentioned I am considering giving up this work and am told, "you can't do that, who will help the orphans?" To all those who believe our work is needed, we appeal to YOU for help NOW!
I look at the news and I think of the Torah teaching that charity saves from death, disaster and all kinds of calamities. I think of the Torah teaching to assist the widow and the orphan and I wonder, where are the Jews who have even a dollar to contribute. A few moments to share or to write a compelling blog post to share our campaign. What will it take to make this a success? There is power in having the many contribute to such an important cause as assisting orphans to marry. On the front page of our website you can see a letter from the director of Bayit Lepletot. Read his words and join us in making this a reality. Help us, PLEASE, help us to continue to develop the bridal gowns and a holistic service. As the secretary to the director of Bayit Lepletot mentioned to me, 60 bridal gowns take up space. They can not sit on the street. They can not fit into a closet, they can not fit into a one meter squared little room. They need space.

Just a few days ago I had an orphan Kallah call and ask for assistance. I had to tell her that all our items were donated to Bayit Lepletot and our kitty has run dry, she can come for an interview but without help from others I do not know how to help her. She pleaded "but I am also an orphan". I cry with her, according to the Torah, I too am an orphan. We are both orphaned from our fathers. Please there must be someone who cares. I know there are Yidden with means as I watch the posts of fancy holidays and more. I appeal to you to share a little of your blessing to bring blessing to a Kallah who has nothing.

Please visit our campaign, share, contribute. Even a dollar is greatly appreciated. Every donation can lead to another. Together we can make this happen.

Shoshanah Shear

Friday, 4 March 2016

Impressive Tricks by a Border Collie

We've been discussing what service dogs can do and I decided to take a look online. I got a little side tracked with this special dog. It's amazing to watch what a dog is able to do with good training of course. 

They certainly are intelligent animals.


Let us know what your favourite animal is in the comment below. If you have managed to train an animal, we'd love to hear what tricks you managed to achieve.

Shoshanah Shear

Thursday, 3 March 2016

5 Orphan Kallot will Receive to Start their New Home

 What happens when you have to move and a moving sale is not working? 

For us, it has meant time to re-evaluate. We tried selling some items online in order to earn the funds to make our next move, but too many decided their best response is to undercut our discount prices by a very huge percentage that is an insult to our work. If people don't believe we have a right to earn, then the items should go to orphan Kallot but we did not have any sign up. 

I made a call to the secretary of Rav Stern at Bayit Lepletot and asked if they have any orphans who are Kallot in need of household items. The reply was that there are 5 Kallot who currently need help and a few potentially will need very soon. That was all I needed to hear to set to work. It took a few days to get all the items packaged. In the image above you can see the start of boxes and packages being prepared.

We ended up with over 40 boxes and packages of brand new items ready to start the new home of 5 Kallot who have grown up in the girls orphanage in Jerusalem called Bayit Lepletot. This is the second time that we have assisted 5 Kallot or more from Bayit Lepletot.

It took us quite some time to go up and down the 3 flights of stairs without an elevator, schlepping all the boxes and packages. Finally everything was downstairs and waiting for the van from Bayit Lepletot.

Just a bit more effort and the van was packed and ready to go on it's merry way, bringing the start these Kallot desperately need.

Exhausted, thirsty and aching, we returned upstairs to the first of a few phone calls. Over the next 2 days we have had another 4 orphan Kallot turn to us for help.

Our move has to happen and we appeal to any kind and caring Jew to help us make this a success. We are brainstorming a more effective way to earn the funds necessary to meet our goals. In the mean time, move or no move, our new Kallot need help. 

If assisting orphan Kallot is important to you, please be in touch to assist our Kallot.

In the merit of Chessed, may we see Yeshuot for all Am Yisrael.

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet


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