Thursday, 3 March 2016

5 Orphan Kallot will Receive to Start their New Home

 What happens when you have to move and a moving sale is not working? 

For us, it has meant time to re-evaluate. We tried selling some items online in order to earn the funds to make our next move, but too many decided their best response is to undercut our discount prices by a very huge percentage that is an insult to our work. If people don't believe we have a right to earn, then the items should go to orphan Kallot but we did not have any sign up. 

I made a call to the secretary of Rav Stern at Bayit Lepletot and asked if they have any orphans who are Kallot in need of household items. The reply was that there are 5 Kallot who currently need help and a few potentially will need very soon. That was all I needed to hear to set to work. It took a few days to get all the items packaged. In the image above you can see the start of boxes and packages being prepared.

We ended up with over 40 boxes and packages of brand new items ready to start the new home of 5 Kallot who have grown up in the girls orphanage in Jerusalem called Bayit Lepletot. This is the second time that we have assisted 5 Kallot or more from Bayit Lepletot.

It took us quite some time to go up and down the 3 flights of stairs without an elevator, schlepping all the boxes and packages. Finally everything was downstairs and waiting for the van from Bayit Lepletot.

Just a bit more effort and the van was packed and ready to go on it's merry way, bringing the start these Kallot desperately need.

Exhausted, thirsty and aching, we returned upstairs to the first of a few phone calls. Over the next 2 days we have had another 4 orphan Kallot turn to us for help.

Our move has to happen and we appeal to any kind and caring Jew to help us make this a success. We are brainstorming a more effective way to earn the funds necessary to meet our goals. In the mean time, move or no move, our new Kallot need help. 

If assisting orphan Kallot is important to you, please be in touch to assist our Kallot.

In the merit of Chessed, may we see Yeshuot for all Am Yisrael.

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

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