Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Brand New Book Release with Parsha Summaries

It is so wonderful to take a break from the stresses and activities of moving to share good news. My husband, Rabbi Eliyahu Shear has just brought out a book of concise summaries of the weekly Torah portion. The summaries, layout, formatting, photography and cover design are all his work. It has been special watching this book come together. I had a lot of fun reading the proof copy. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and that was not just because my husband wrote the book.

For me, reading the summaries really helped to solidify the main themes of the Chumash. I found it valuable too to be able to read a summary and get an idea of where to find more information on a given topic. I see so many benefits to this book and am so very excited to share that it is already available for sale. 

The book can be found on CreateSpace eStore and on Amazon.com
The book will be coming out on all the major online retail book stores. 

Be the first to purchase a copy and prepare for Shabbat this week in a meaningful way. 

Have a very blessed day

Shoshanah Shear

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