Sunday, 29 May 2016

Copies of Parshah in Just Two Minutes Ready for Mailing

It's another fun day at Chessed Ve'Emet. We are busily sending off copies of "Parshah in Just Two Minutes" by Rabbi Eliyahu Shear to friends of Chessed Ve'Emet who have supported our activities over time and in a generous way. We value all those who take a personal interest in our work. As a result, each copy receives a hand written note of thanks

We look forward to having the means to hire a graphic designer to design a letterhead and compliment slip. In the meantime, we hope the attractive writing paper will be appreciated too.

I love looking at the cover. It's special to know that the photographs that went into the design and the cover design are my husband's creative and beautiful work and an indication of the care taken throughout.

You can obtain a copy of the book too. We are delighted that the book is already out on the following well known online retail bookstores:

- Amazon - the main Amazon for the US
If you find the book on any other websites, please do let us know so that we can update the list of where the book can be found. 
I've enjoyed taking a short break from parceling up the books in preparation for mailing, time to get back to work. 

Have a very blessed day


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fun and Excitement at Chessed VeEmet

  Rabbi Eliyahu Shear opening the box 

We had so much fun today at Chessed Ve'Emet. We were busy preparing for a Shidduch interview when there was a ring at the door. "You have a delivery!" we were told. 

We did not expect the books to arrive quite so quickly. The proof copy had taken over a month to get to us. We had so much fun opening the book to discover copies of all 3 of our books. "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" by Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshanah Shear both in English and Hebrew as you can see in the image. Along with "Parshah in Just Two Minutes" by Rabbi Eliyahu Shear.

The image shows the books as they appeared in the box. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to see the progress. First one book, then the translation into Hebrew and finally a third.  If you are in Jerusalem you can purchase a copy from us in person. For those unable to get to us in Jerusalem, all 3 books are available on 

- Amazon - the main Amazon for the US
We have some work ahead as quite a few have to be shipped off already. Such fun work and such a wonderful surprise.
Join in the fun by ordering your copy from any of the above online bookstores. If you find our books on another website do let us know so that we can add it to the list.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Five More Items Ready for our Sale

We are two days away from our upcoming sale and time to share a few more items.

This one will be a treat as you can get a signed copy and meet the author. You will have to hurry though as we only have a few copies left. Time to consider a second printing!!

For those who enjoy fantasy, beauty, improving your child's imagination, this book is absolutely delightful and written by my very favourite author. It is of course "Why Unicorns Eat Lavender" By Rosemary Kahn

Still in the line of books you can obtain a copy of "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" by Eliyahu and Shoshanah Shear in English and order your copy in Hebrew.

We have such a fun assortment of goodies on sale it is hard to know what to feature next. Should we share an item of art, a few of the old post cards, our artsy vase? Hm, what are the items that you would MOST like to see at our upcoming sale?

So our next item to showcase will be a stunning set of bedside lamps.

And... below you see just one of our 5 Sheitals going at amazing prices. You will have to come and try them on to make sure if they fit, suit you and are the right colour etc. 

Here it is our one and only artsy vase!! It's fun, unusual and waiting for the perfect buyer. Will that be you? We are waiting to find out.

Yes, we have variety at our sale on Wednesday. Visit our post of: "Six Items for Our Sale" to see a few more items that will be available.

It's happening, it's exciting and now all we need is you to attend. So save the date:
Wednesday 25 May. Not to worry, it is a day time sale - plenty of time to get to your Lag B'Omer
Bon Fire - the times of the sale are: 10h30 - 12h30 and 14h00 - 16h45
Venue is in Katamon, Jerusalem

RSVP as space is limited.

We look forward to seeing you there

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Six Items for our Upcoming Sale

We have a lot to do to be fully organized in our new premises but in the meantime, we are excited to share of our next sale. The images in this post show just a few of the items that will be on sale.
The above linen is a summer set
- Sheet 190x90 cm
- pillow slip 50 x 70 cm
50% cotton; 50% polyester selling for ₪ 40

Our next set of linen is a Single Set by Orline. It contains:
- Fitted Sheet 200 x 90 cm
- Duvet Cover 200 x 150 cm
- Pillow Slip 50 x 70 cm
100% Micro Fiber selling for the amazing special of ₪ 55

There are five sets of linen, all new in original packaging and will be available at our sale for immediate purchase.

The next two photographs show two of our men's white shirts. 

 We have 5 mens shirts in total with sizes:

 1 x 14
1 x 15, 
1 x small, 
and 3 x 17 1/2

We are also selling some cute kids puzzles and assorted new and second hand books.

It promises to be an amazing sale. Do be in touch for details

Hope to see you there

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hot New Book Release

Amidst the struggles of moving back to Yerushalayim it is with great joy that I share with you my husband's new release. "Parshah in Just Two Minutes" by Rabbi Eliyahu Shear. How can you read the Parshah so quickly you might ask? Well, that is exactly the point. The book contains wonderful, concise summaries of each Aliyah in each Parshah. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the proof copy. It gave me an amazing overview of each Parshah and of the Chumash (Bible) as a whole. I wished I had read this years ago when I first began learning Torah. However, even reading it now with some learning behind me and having read some commentaries, it is a perfect refresher.

There are so many benefits for this book. Stay tuned for a slideshow or video to outline what the benefits are. In the meantime, I am very excited to state that the first day the book came out, we already had our first sale.

The book is available on:

- Amazon - the main Amazon for the US

We hope it will be coming onto other online stores soon too. 

Stay tuned for further updates or sign up for our email newsletter where you can learn more of new developments, books as they come out and so much more.

Have a very blessed day

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Move That Has Gone Wrong!

Where do I begin this post? If you have followed this blog, you might know we have been trying to move for a few years now. We finally had no choice and made the move. Actually, this move has been a very long saga. The short version is I got married as an orphan Kallah without assistance. Though many do not believe it is possible, that was my reality. The result was that with no assistance to set up our home, we moved 5 times in our first years of marriage. At the end of our first year, we were forced to move in a hurry and the first place we found that was suitable, was in Beitar Illit. No I did not know much about it and our work has suffered greatly for having moved there.

Aside from the area itself, we had a landlord who loved to spring all kinds of things just before a Chag, usually Pesach or Rosh HaShanah. One year he wanted to send a guy to do repairs on the day of Bedikat Chometz. Another his secondhand dinning room table in very bad condition broke just before Pesach and we were without a table for Leil HaSeder. The next year he gave us 3 days to move just before Rosh HaShanah and then an extension to move right after Yom Kippur. This time he said he sold and had someone coming in immediately after Pesach and we had to go before Pesach. We have tried hard to do crowdfundraisers to move and in the end had no choice. We moved but the move has been a disaster.

Here are some images of broken and damaged items.

The above items had been placed onto a shelf in the new apartment and the shelf collapsed a few hours later. The same happened with the dishes in the image below. The new landlord said the second cupboard was not supposed to be for items but for some kind of stove. He never told us that before hand.To us if there was a cupboard with shelves it should be to put items on. Yes we tried the shelves first when cleaning them and they seemed fine. 

The above fans we dismantled and parts are missing.

Torn veil from our bridal gowns. Sorry about the background but I cant yet find the fabric I usually use for backgrounds.

We had 4 chairs. two did not make it to us and this one is damaged. That leaves us with one chair that works.

You can read about our move on the following blog posts:

Two fans broken in our move
Please help us by contributing to our fundraiser in order to replace our food for Pesach that went off in the broken fridge we were given, to replace the damaged items, obtain the basic appliances and furniture that every Jewish home requires and cover this unreasonably high moving bill.
Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to assist.
Shoshanah Shear


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