Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Move That Has Gone Wrong!

Where do I begin this post? If you have followed this blog, you might know we have been trying to move for a few years now. We finally had no choice and made the move. Actually, this move has been a very long saga. The short version is I got married as an orphan Kallah without assistance. Though many do not believe it is possible, that was my reality. The result was that with no assistance to set up our home, we moved 5 times in our first years of marriage. At the end of our first year, we were forced to move in a hurry and the first place we found that was suitable, was in Beitar Illit. No I did not know much about it and our work has suffered greatly for having moved there.

Aside from the area itself, we had a landlord who loved to spring all kinds of things just before a Chag, usually Pesach or Rosh HaShanah. One year he wanted to send a guy to do repairs on the day of Bedikat Chometz. Another his secondhand dinning room table in very bad condition broke just before Pesach and we were without a table for Leil HaSeder. The next year he gave us 3 days to move just before Rosh HaShanah and then an extension to move right after Yom Kippur. This time he said he sold and had someone coming in immediately after Pesach and we had to go before Pesach. We have tried hard to do crowdfundraisers to move and in the end had no choice. We moved but the move has been a disaster.

Here are some images of broken and damaged items.

The above items had been placed onto a shelf in the new apartment and the shelf collapsed a few hours later. The same happened with the dishes in the image below. The new landlord said the second cupboard was not supposed to be for items but for some kind of stove. He never told us that before hand.To us if there was a cupboard with shelves it should be to put items on. Yes we tried the shelves first when cleaning them and they seemed fine. 

The above fans we dismantled and parts are missing.

Torn veil from our bridal gowns. Sorry about the background but I cant yet find the fabric I usually use for backgrounds.

We had 4 chairs. two did not make it to us and this one is damaged. That leaves us with one chair that works.

You can read about our move on the following blog posts:

Two fans broken in our move
Please help us by contributing to our fundraiser in order to replace our food for Pesach that went off in the broken fridge we were given, to replace the damaged items, obtain the basic appliances and furniture that every Jewish home requires and cover this unreasonably high moving bill.
Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to assist.
Shoshanah Shear

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