Friday, 24 June 2016

Kindness to an Orphaned Baby Elephant

There are many ways to show kindness to an orphan. Sometimes it takes a bit of thought and creativity to figure out what would be the most suitable type of help for a particular orphan. When Temba a baby elephant in South Africa lost his mother, he could have been left with the herd of elephants to allow nature to take it's course. With enormous kindness and concern for animals, the team of Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre decided that intervention was necessary.

Watching the video that follows brings tears to the eyes of someone who is sensitive to nature and kindness. The incredible Divine Intervention that took place on many levels is so special to watch. Just to begin with, how did they decide that one particular sheep would be the perfect one to become a friend and give the baby elephant the necessary incentive to start drinking milk once more.

The video teaches so much on so many levels. Set aside 50 minutes to enjoy. It's well worth the time and you can gain so much from watching this.

We'd love to hear what you learned from watching this video. What did you learn about kindness in general and kindness to animals in particular? What did you learn about respect? What did you learn about appreciating nature? What did you learn about caring for an orphan?

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