Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Study the Parshah in Just Two Minutes!

We just received a thank you and some feedback from a friend. She wrote in to say that she had received her copy of our latest publication, "Parshah in Just Two Minutes". This is the third friend to write in and not only thank us for sending a copy but to give us some valuable feedback and comments too. We so appreciate the time that each person takes to let us know if a book arrived, to take the time to look through the book and to be kind enough to share their thoughts about the publication. Every opinion helps us to know what our friends and readers value and would like to read.

Thank you to each of you who has taken the time to respond.

Amongst her feedback, our friend mentioned that this book does not have in-depth discussion about the weekly Torah portion. She mentioned that she enjoys reading the work of someone else who provides in-depth commentary however that she seldom has the time to do so. Thank you for highlighting one of the purposes of OUR book. "Parshah in Just Two Minutes" by Rabbi Eliyahu Shear is not intended to be an in-depth discussion on the Torah. It is a concise summary that helps the reader to get to know the Parshah. It is for the busy business person or housewife who needs to fulfill the Mitzvah of reading the daily Torah portion but lacks the time to do so effectively. It is for the Jew in Shul who needs either a reminder as to what each Aliyah is about while waiting for the next Torah reading or who needs some Torah to help to keep him or her focused in order to observe the Mitzvah of not speaking in Shul.The book is also valuable for the newcomer to Torah at whatever age he or she is. It gives a brief overview of each daily portion of the Parshah. As stated on the back cover it is to give the reader the gist of the Parshah and nothing more.

There is so much that we still want to add as a sequel to a series that could include things like insights into the Parshah. We appeal to those who value our books to sponsor dedications within the books so that we can write and produce more quality publications.

Looking for an overview or summary of the weekly Torah portion? You can obtain a copy of the book too. We are delighted that the book is already out on the following well known online retail bookstores:

- Amazon - the main Amazon for the US
If you find the book on any other websites, please do let us know so that we can update the list of where the book can be found. 

Thank you for supporting Chessed Ve'Emet and our publications, gifts and services.

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