Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Remembering Who We Are as Rosh HaShanah Approaches

It's Elul and with just over two weeks to Rosh HaShanah, there is much work to be done. Are you aware of the work required during the month of Elul? How are you progressing with your introspection and inner reflection? Is it helping you to do Teshuvah? Are you managing to revise your goals for the coming year?

Whether you are aware of how we as Jews should be spending Elul, whether you are struggling or even if you are very involved in preparing for Rosh HaShanah, the video below produced by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is important to watch. It takes almost 6 and half minutes to watch but the content is packed with meaning and very moving.

 "Why I am a Jew" ... a message for everyone.

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