Tuesday, 3 January 2017

7 Tips to Making an Appointment with Chessed Ve'Emet

You have a goal, your goal is to receive assistance from Chessed Ve'Emet. That is fine, however, there is a way to go about doing so. There are many ways to set up an appointment. We recently had a call from someone. After I answered the phone his initial question was: "Can I come tonight?" It was a rather odd way to begin a conversation. After a little back tracking and exploring who the caller was and why he wanted to come it became evident that the person was inquiring for an orphan Chatan. 

Now you can just call and say can I come tonight but if you have not reached the correct number or the correct person or the office hours are not at night or there is a prior appointment, that manner of asking will not help you to reach your goal. 

For anyone interested in the services that we offer for orphan Chatanim and Kallot here are a few basic guidelines and some updates as to where we are currently at in our work:
  1. When calling anyone you do not know, especially one you wish to book an appointment to see, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself and follow this with a request for the person you wish to talk to
  2. Having established who you are and made sure that you are talking to the correct person, it is polite and appropriate to ask if x service is still being offered and whether there are any procedures, requirements or how it works
  3. Find out the persons office hours. If the person has hours that end at 5 pm or 6 pm or another day time hour, the chances are that going to them that night will not be possible. So find out what the office hours are.
  4. Included in finding out whether the service is still being offered, find out if any paper work is required. If the organization requires an interview then your next step will be to book an appointment for an interview.
  5. In the case of Chessed Ve'Emet, we do require a letter of approbation to be faxed in by a recognized, contactable rabbi for both the Chatan and the Kallah. In addition we require a letter from a social worker to outline the need that is involved and a letter from the Chatan / Kallah to briefly state why they are turning to us for help. The letter is very important as it helps us to know whether their situation is legitimate and whether their need is something we can assist with.
  6. Once the letters have been received and appropriate parties contacted, we will be in touch to book an interview. There is no getting out of the interview and we have no way of knowing what the needs are and hence what we might be able to do to assist if we are able to assist at all.
  7. Please note, we do not give money and also do not make promises. The main assistance that we currently offer is in the form of our Bridal Gown Gemach.  However any specifics and whether we can do anything further depends on the results of the needs assessment obtained via the letters and the interview, how much time there is before the wedding, what time we have available depending on other commitments.
     Following these 7 points are more likely to reached your desired goal than just inviting yourself to come at the time you want to and expect to receive a handout without even having the courtesy to introduce yourself.
    Hatzlachah with your process towards getting married

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