Thursday, 19 January 2017

Finding Solutions to Regular / Recurring Problems

In a previous blog post I share 7 tips for making an appointment with Chessed Ve'Emet. Since then, we have had further encounters / interactions with potential clients or those wanting our services that left us rather frustrated to say the least. We are noticing a trend of people making inquiries and not following through. Asking for me to call them and then avoiding the calls once I phone. Making an appointment and not showing. Sending in a fax and not following up as to whether it arrived etc. I could continue the list but rather than become frustrated I am mulling over another idea. If there are so many who are falling short of following through on something they begin to explore, is there a need for a book on social skills and possibly life skills for setting goals or for following through on goals. 

Where is the problem and what is your need? Would you enjoy reading a book or eBook or attending a course that will help you to:
  • make calls effectively
  • keep appointments that you have scheduled
  • set appropriate goals
  • set suitable action plans in order to achieve those goals
  • draw up a list of things to do according to your action plans
  • schedule time to achieve these goals and to follow through
  • learn how to say thank you when assistance is offered or provided
Please do me a favour and send in a comment as to which of these you would like to read more about. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Occupational Therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, freelance writer and co-author of "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" and author of "Healing Your Life Through Activity - An Occupational Therapist's Story"

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