Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bridal Gowns for Sale in Jerusalem 2

A few days ago I began a series of posts to showcase some of our bridal gowns. As mentioned we are selling our bridal gowns and will then be closing our Gemach. No, it is not yet closed, it requires selling up our stock in order to close.

Here are the next 3 bridal gowns. I apologize, my proper camera has an error 99, hence I am not able to photograph them properly. I also do not have a mannequin or a model. I hope you will get an idea of the types of gowns we have in stock despite our lack of adequate equipment.

Selling the gowns will enable us to repair our cameras and bring back our photography as an income stream. It will also help us to pay off the expenses that have accrued, the greatest expense being rent to house the gowns. Costs for marketing also add up.

These bridal gowns were going to be the start of a special service to empower orphans at the time they marry. Sadly we were not able to bring in the necessary funds to fulfill the full plan for this service. We have not given up entirely though, just needing to regroup and find other avenues that will help us to reach our goals. Perhaps we will add bridal gowns back into the centre we are developing, further down the road. That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, please help us to spread the word about our bridal gowns available for sale. If you know anyone who has a bridal gown rental store or consignment store, it would be amazing to be able to sell these all in one unit. If you know anyone interested in purchasing one or more bridal gowns in Jerusalem, please put them in touch with us.

Thank you for your help

Monday, 22 May 2017

Bridal Gowns for Sale in Jerusalem

After a few years of working on our Bridal Gown Gemach, the time has some to let it go and move on to other services. We have already sold a number of gowns and currently have 31 gowns and 1 Tuxedo left in stock. While we are receiving a few inquiries, some potential buyers refuse to come without seeing images of what the gowns look like.

So here we go, over the next 10 days or so we hope to share as many images of the gowns as possible. Please forgive me, I do not have a mannequin or a model. Space is a little limited but we will do what we can to help you to get an idea of the lovely bridal gowns that we have in stock. 

All of the bridal dresses are modest, that means there are sleeves at least to the elbow and often full length. The skirts are long too.

The first gown / dress seen here has lace on top and beautiful detail on the bottom of the skirt.

I love this dress, how about you?
It has two material flowers on the right hip and a few tears or layers to the skirt. Very feminine and beautiful.

As you can see, the gowns are all covered in plastic after having had them dry cleaned.
This gown has beading on the bodice that extends down to approximately the waist level.

This next dress has lace in rows. If you look at the image below you can see the covered beads and the bow at the back.

Another lovely dress once again with lace. Take a look at the image below it too for the detail at the bottom of the skirt.

Cost for the Bridal Gowns varies depending on detail, condition of the dress and how much fabric. The range is from ₪800 - ₪1500. Purchase a number of gowns and receive a discount. Purchase all 31 gowns and the price comes right down to ₪300 - ₪500  a gown.

Please be in touch to book an appointment to view and purchase gowns. Our office hours are 
9h30 - 17h30, Sunday - Thursday.

Know of a wedding dress store or consignment shop in Israel? Please let us know or put them in touch with us. 

Looking forward to hearing from you

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