Sunday, 11 June 2017

Challenges with Crowd Fundraisers

Do you want to succeed? Of course you do. Most of us want to. But now comes the challenge, does your success include your fellow succeeding too or in your succeeding would you prefer your fellow to struggle or even to fall, G-d forbid?

Previously on this blog I have shared posts about doing crowd fundraisers. It is supposed to be a popular way to bring in the funds necessary to progress in various areas of one's life. Some people use it to meet personal goals such as medical expenses, making a wedding, I have even seen some ask for help in order to take a much needed vacation. Some use it for business. There are different platforms and hence different potential groups of supporters.

Some view crowd fundraisers as begging. But that is not really what is happening. You see, everyone needs help in some form or another. No-one can make it on their own as Arnold Swartzeniger shares.
The world is built on kindness and it is the act of one human being helping another that enables the world to continue. 

So you see, when we stop judging the one who is asking for help and step back and recognize that helping another is a magical and very powerful thing to do, then crowd fundraising can be viewed in a whole different light.

I have tried raising funds for my health needs. That did not generate too much. I have tried to raise funds to edit a book that I wrote before the one I just brought out. It is strange how so many do not believe there are any expenses involved in taking the time to sit down and work for hours and hours, weeks and months polishing a 250 - 300 page book. So that fundraiser did not quite work.

I have tried to do a campaign towards various different sections of the centre we've been working on for some years now. So far the two that attracted the most attention were our Torah lending library and the need to market our services. Well, now I have extended these two into a campaign for our own books. You see, an effective method of marketing is to have a book of your own available. It opens doors to doing book talks, workshops, sharing with others that you know enough to have written a book.

When I first started to prepare a crowd fundraiser in order to promote my OT book effectively, someone I knew in CT many years ago made contact. He said to me that he had managed several successful campaigns that brought in thousands of dollars, I forget the exact amount but at least over 20 000. He persuaded me to invest in promoting a campaign. So that campaign I tried FaceBook ads and pay per click ads on several websites. That campaign did not do very well. Rather interesting!

I have been running a campaign now for the last 20 plus days. For this one I met someone who does PR related to books. She has had success with two different campaigns so I got excited. She's been sharing, I've been sharing and for this campaign currently we are covering the service fee to Indiegogo, the bank fees for receiving US dollars and then transferring the funds to Israeli Shekels. If I am lucky I might have $20 and that does not yet cover the cost of this PR lady. She's really sweet and says she believes in my work, but right now we have to bring in more funds. 

This leaves me very confused. Is it the campaign topic or is it best to just do one's campaign on your own and not spend on advertising and promotion especially when you don't have the funds to spend?

I don't yet have the answer to that. All I can say is that we have just 3 days left of this current campaign. I appeal to you to please click on this link and view my campaign. Please can you do me a huge favour and share the campaign. If you don't like the amount I was aiming for, then please help me to cover the $100 I currently owe this very sweet PR lady. Another urgent need is $250 to replace our tablet as there is certain work we do via the tablet that we are losing out on by not having it. So that would require $350. If we can bring in a little more, there are a few coaches I have identified who can help me to progress in being able to earn from home, which I need for my own health. One is to progress with my writing as I increase my ghostwriting service. Her fee is $300 a month. Then there is an OT or a PT who have said for a few years now that they could coach me into being successful with my private practice. Successful enough for my practice to be viable rather than 1-5 at a time which is not yet enough to cover bills. Their fee is also $300. Or you could assist me to take a coaching course and I could offer coaching online and charge the $300 myself. I have not yet figured out the fee for a coaching course or which one would be suitable for me. It is somewhere in a few thousand dollars which is the reason I have not yet done a coaching course.

Another important goal is to be able to gift a number of copies in order to get reviews. Reviews are very important, especially on Amazon and Goodreads. So we need at least $200 if not more to get reviews happening. 

So let's say you don't like our plans for our publications but you want a smaller goal. How about $600 for two months with the writing coach and perhaps two sessions with the OT coach and then $2000 to do a coaching course myself. Plus the cost for the PR lady and the tablet. Do I dare mention we need to repair or replace our cameras?

Well, if I could improve my freelance writing and master the ghostwriting section, hopefully I would earn what I need to repair our cameras. So how about helping me to at least meet the lower target of $3600 - $5000. That would help a lot.

Thank you for caring.

If you are wondering what my health problem has been and why working from home is the only way I can manage my health, well that is the topic of the book that is over 250 pages and is sitting waiting for me to have the financial means to sit and edit it. And my challenge with working from home is the topic of another book that yes, has been started.

Have a wonderful day and an even better Shabbat. Oh and if you share my campaign, please let me know your email address so that I can send you the PDF of the poem and drawing that I promised.

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