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This blog is managed by Shoshanah Shear in the merit of her maternal grandparents Yehuda Leib ben Yosef a"h and Esther bat Nachum Dov Ber a"h, combining their names to develop the name Leiv Esther. Having learned a lot about respecting one another other, being kind and using all the talents on has been blessed with for good from this special and inspiring couple, it is hoped that the posts will continue the beautiful lessons learned from them. The posts provide:
- some insight into developments behind the scenes at 
  Chessed Ve'Emet, www.lovingkindness.co
- progress with our Bayit Chadash Gemach and store
- services offered through Chessed Ve'Emet
- words of inspiration
- creative ideas and more.

Please share the blog and posts with your friends. Readers are invited to comment on posts. Please note, the posts are moderated to make sure that comments are appropriate and to prevent Spam. If you have something beneficial to add or a question to ask, please post your comment. Genuine comments will be published and responded to.

Wish you, the reader, all good things

Shoshanah Shear

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