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We love putting slideshows together, so on this page you can enjoy a few slideshows. Stay tuned for more to come or updates as information improves, develops, changes and evolves.

1) Step number one in creating a centre is funding it. Our Bayit Chadash Store helps to meet this goal as do a few other paid services. Our store is in a transition stage and hence the name is subject to change. In the meantime, enjoy this fun slideshow of what our store is all about.

2) Photography is a passion of ours. We love to create and to be creative. Whether it is photographing an event, a product, creating a gift or a stunning slideshow. Enjoy the next slideshow for an idea of the photography of Shear Success Photographers

3) When a loved one leaves this world, it is customary to learn Mishnah in the merit of the soul of your loved one. Find out about our special service learning Mishnayot for a soul.

We have a few other services we look forward to sharing.

We do hope you have enjoyed these slideshows. Please share with your friends and come back to find out the next development in our centre, and / or visit our website www.lovingkindness.co

Thanks for your support

Shoshanah Shear

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